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"A man paints with his brain and not with his hands."

50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship  The conclusion from the book by Salvador Dali.

The Elements and Principles of Design  A single page list and brief description, and a definition of composition.
The Elements of Design  Used to create a composition.
The Principles of Design  Achieved through the use of the Elements of Design.
Value Patterns  Without value variation, there is no design.
The Color Wheel  Unravel the mysteries of color.
Color Schemes  Achieve color harmony by choosing and sticking with a color scheme.
The Golden Mean  "What makes mathematics unique is the effectiveness with which it can be used to describe our experience far beyond the limits of our physical existence." (unknown)
A Simple Approach to Good Design  On placing the center of interest, and providing pathways around a composition.
Using a Finder and Grids  Using a finder to aid in selecting a composition, using a grid to enlarge and transfer a drawing, and using a grid as a drawing aid.

Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Painting Materials List  A watercolorist's basic equipment, materials, and supplies.

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